Five questions with… David Colligan

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Your firm opened July 1. Why now?

There is a lot that goes into a long-term decision like this and, I will say, the landscape in Buffalo has evolved. It’s now no longer possible to service what I call the “old Buffalo industry,” So I think the time was right to do what we are doing.

As the new kid on the block — in terms of the firm, not its lawyers — what sets you apart from other Western New York firms?

There are two parts of a successful business: There is the business side that is pretty comparable when it comes to business regulation and helping companies in terms of corporate issues, and every firm out there is trying to do that. What we are doing that is different than that is this: We have discovered that Buffalo doesn’t have a lot of Fortune 500 companies owning the businesses in this region; we have a lot of entrepreneurs. So we are gearing our representation to the individual entrepreneur, and we think because of our diversity we can service them in ways that other firms can’t.

David Colligan and Three Partners Open Colligan Law LLP

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Attorney David Colligan and three partners opened Colligan Law LLp on July 1 at 12 Fountain Plaza in Buffalo.

The firm is located in Suite 600 and includes attorneys John A. Moscati, Jr., Carolyn Nugent Gorczynski and Dean M. Drew.

They say they will practice in a number of areas including technology licensing, venture financing, special education and employment law. They also will target such industries as aviation, oil and gas, construction and real estate.

“We’re in sync with this area’s business evolution,” Colligan said in a release. “Few firms can do all that our firm does.”

He, Moscati and Gorczynski were prevously with Watson Bennett Colligan & Schechter LLP, which also has offices in the downtown Fountain Plaza. Drew, meanwhile, was with Drew & Drew LLP in Buffalo and was a law school classmate of Colligan.

“The decision to launch the firm is the result of our combined belief in niche practice areas and the forward momentum of our community,” Colligan said in the release. “As a group, we see tremendous advancement of specialized business and asset portfolios on the rise across Western New York. Our newly established firm is prepared — both professionally and personally — to address specific business and lifestyle needs.”