Natural Resource Law

Natural Resource Law

Natural Resource Law

We pride ourselves on being a natural resource for clients seeking legal services—especially those in natural resource industries. Our clients span renewable energy, oil and gas, and timber and land use, and their work puts managing our most precious natural resources at the forefront.

Renewable Energy

Development in the renewable solar, wind and biomass energy sectors is growing. Starting a business or leasing land for energy production can be a challenging decision based on financing, lease terms, tax implications and environmental impact. Our legal team assists in navigating the industry and achieving appropriate terms for any business.

Timber & Forestry Law

Timber is a unique natural resource asset, and its law issues can include warranty and title, taxes, succession planning, boundary and easement, conservation easements, Adirondack Park Agency matters and land use. Timber and forestry also offer the opportunity for compatible income streams fed through hunting leases, wind leases, oil and gas leases and carbon credits.

For more information, visit our website at Forestry & Timber Law.

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas law has evolved into a complex area of legal practice, and it’s never been more important for a landowner’s rights to be protected throughout the installation and drilling of wells or pipelines on a property. We advise clients on complex leases and their benefits to the landowner such as royalties, free gas, up-front bonuses and proper valuation of the leased interest, and negotiate processes regarding property, contracts, leases, environmental rights and mineral rights.

Agriculture & Ag-Technologies

Upstate New York’s farming and agriculture industries preserve and manage some of our most valuable natural resources. The industry is a crucial part of our region’s economy, and we work with landowners, producers and developers of innovative agricultural technology to achieve their goals and grow their businesses.